Presentation Abstract

System Specification Development During Modeling

  • Speaker: Rafael Faudou - Samares Engineering
  • When: Day 2 : Wed 16 October 2019
  • The main part of systems engineers job consists in defining one or several solutions that satisfy stakeholder requirements. This definition will start with definition of system context/environment in its whole life cycle including acquisition, operations, deployment, support and retirement. From this detailed analysis, it is already possible to define system top level requirements for the solution.

    Systems engineer will then define system architecture, with use of functions to define the "what" and identification of subsystems or components/products able to realize those functions.

    Each time a function is designed into lower-granularity functions, new system requirements are identified to characterize those lower-level functions. Progressively, architecture definition reveals additional system requirements.

    In this presentation (and demonstration) we show that it is possible to use a model-based approach to support all activities defined above, and combined with a good methodology it is also possible to identify automatically system requirements while building the system model from stakeholder requirements.