Presentation Abstract

MBSE in Action

  • Speaker: Aiste Aleksandraviciene - CATIA No Magic
  • When: Day 1 : Wed 15 October 2019
  • After an organization makes the decision to adopt model-based systems engineering (MBSE), it must go a long way before this decision proves right. There are many obstacles in this way, like stories about unsuccessful MBSE applications, insufficient information on how to proceed, and employee resistance to the cultural change to name a few. Neither of them is a true issue, if suitable enablers for MBSE adoption are chosen. Nowadays, MBSE is enabled by Systems Modeling Language (SysML). However, SysML is neither a framework nor a method: it provides no information about the modeling process and thus must be combined with some methodology to become truly applicable.

    This training introduces how to use SysML in combination with the MagicGrid method for MBSE. The MagicGrid framework consists of viewpoints and aspects organized in a grid view, where each cell describes one or more artifacts to deliver throughout the modeling process. The approach is based on the experience of various MBSE adoption projects, existing studies in the field, and real-life findings in models’ management in different systems engineering domains.

    The main purpose of this training is to provide the basic knowledge of MBSE and how to apply it with SysML and MagicGrid. The training is followed by a hands on exercise, where every attendee takes part in developing an example system model from A to Z.