Presentation Abstract

Integrating Safety and Reliability Analysis Into MBSE: Concepts and Applications

  • Speaker: Andrius Armonas, PhD - CATIA No Magic
  • When: Day 2 : Wed 16 October 2019
  • Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is gaining popularity in organizations creating complex systems where it is crucial to collaborate in a multidisciplinary environment. SysML, being one of the key MBSE components, has a good foundation for capturing requirements, architecture, constraints, views and viewpoints. However, SysML does not provide the necessary constructs to capture safety and reliability information in the system model. A group of industry experts at the OMG has been working since 2016 to define a new specification providing the necessary capabilities. During this session, the presenter will explain the proposed specification’s use of generic concepts, several of the supported analysis methods and will show a demo of the implementation of the future standard in Cameo Systems Modeler.