Presentation Abstract

Fundamentals of Model Execution

  • Speaker: Zilvinas Strolia - CATIA No Magic
  • When: Day 1 : Wed 15 October 2019
  • Rapidly increasing scale, dynamism, and vulnerabilities in the systems being engineered have presented ever-greater challenges. In part of these challenges Systems Engineers started to explore new ways of working and one of the possible solution is to use models as a basis for the engineered systems description.

    Nowadays Systems Engineers can leverage various modeling languages and tools to their advantage to build system models. However no matter how you are going to look into a model, it still remains a static description of systems being engineered. To access full power of modeling, Systems Engineers want to transform the static system model into what we could call live or dynamic model. The ability to simulate system design provides a comprehensive view of the system as a whole and helps to gain understanding of a system without manipulating the real prototype.

    During this hands-on tutorial we are going to build a model which can be executed with No Magic tools. The tutorial provides a foundation on how to create precise system models in SysML that can be executed combining fUML and SysML parametric techniques. The training is very practical – it is based on an educational case study model, which explains model execution semantics and demonstrates how to perform Monte Carlo simulations for analyzing uncertainty propagation, requirements verification. Attendees will also learn how executing models can help to better understand and communicate them, debug complex behavioral models, create functional system prototypes, verify requirements, create test case scenarios, and perform various engineering analysis tasks.

    No Magic tools required for this tutorial will be provided for every attendee to accomplish the hands-on exercises.