Presentation Abstract

Electric Roads

  • Speaker: Lars-Olof Kihlström - Syntell AB
  • When: Day 2 : Wed 16 October 2019
  • The presentation describes the use of UAF as a means of modelling electric roads systems where the roads provide direct electricity to heavy trucks used to transport goods. The complete system of systems requires consideration of a variety of aspects dealing with actual technology as well as different business models that the use of electric roads requires. The basis for the work is that heavy-duty transports in Sweden account for roughly 25 % of the countries CO2emission. The Electric Road project was created In order to meet the emission goals set by the Swedish government to reduce the emissions from domestic transports by 70 % by 2030 and to reach zero emissions by 2045. It is a massive project with stakeholders including the Swedish Energy Agency, Swedish Transport Agency, Swedish Transport Administration, Vinnova, RISE Viktoria, universities, energy companies, research institutes, vehicle manufacturers and many more. The modelling presented here deals with what the system of systems would look like once it has been fully implemented. Other countries in Europe, notably Germany, are also performing test of the electric roads concept.